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"Lifecycle musings"

Day-Night Doubleheader!

Sunday, 13 October 2013 10:16 by Sharon

Yesterday was a day/night doubleheader! It's nice to celebrate a day of love. Wedding number one, a lovely couple who I had the privilege to get to know since May. They were organized. They wed in front of their family and friends at the Prospect Park Boathouse. The weather was splendid, the bride and groom were fetching. We couldn't get the rings off the ring pillow thanks to an overzealous knot the bride tied despite my warnings. It was great watching the entire wedding party hop to. A guest finally offered a safety pin. There's always the guest who has everything. Grandma Mary stole the day, adding humor to the Irish Wedding Blessing. She rocked. The ceremony was in front of the water with an altar made up of branches and sunflowers. Aside from the bride in wedding 1 and the groom in wedding 2 being school teachers, that is where the comparison ends.

In wedding 2, I didn't even know the bride's name until a week before the wedding and that's only after prompting them.

Wedding number two was a hoot. We were at the Astra on the 14th floor of the D&D Building. Great venue for a small NYC thing. I called it: Wedding-on-the-fly! We were still making revisions 5 minutes before the ceremony; all while the bride was getting dressed. I was typing with the bride over my shoulder. I felt like I was marrying my best friends. The license was screwed up, thanks to the bestman. All zany. Ended up going off script. We all brought our A Game (bride and groom included). I loved the experience of what a comic would call a 'good room.'

The groom says to me, "You're probably going to blog that this was the most bizarro wedding ever!" Dude, I am too old and lazy to blog. People were asking the groom, "How did you book a comic?" He was like, "She's only a wedding officiant!"

I'll leave you with this, a lawyer friend once told me that I went into the wrong line of work, that there was no money in 'love.' However, there's a ton of money in divorce. I conceded that while he had a point, I was not going to get my penthouse apartment, let alone a third bedroom (or second bathroom) officiating ceremonies, I go to bed at night on cloud nine, temporarily believing that the world is a better place. That's before the cynicism sets in; the clowns on the Hill, etc. And then when I am scowling at the news or laughing while watching Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Bill Maher, I remember, life, all of this, everything is somehow an expression of love; even divorce lawyers.

I never tire of seeing people have a shot at a loved life and I am honored to be the vehicle which sends them forth. Hey, Don Wagner, I blogged!

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