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"Lifecycle musings"

Wedding in Peru

Friday, 6 December 2013 12:44 by Sharon

Got back from Peru last week. This time, it was personal. I officiated my beloved brother-in-law and now sister-in-law's ceremony in Lima. Will post pics eventually. We all had a great time, dancing into the night. It's unusual to be part of the wedding reception as I am usually a hired gun (in a loving way) and almost always off to my next something. That said, it was surely nice to indulge in a pisco with passion fruit cocktail (or two). Kept the dancing muscles going.

The ceremony was in Spanish. A shout out to my husband for translation and grammar help. I seem to be doing my share of those. Additionally, my 10 year-old daughter sang a Genesis (the band, not the first book of the bible) song with guitar accompaniment for the couple during the ceremony and killed it, as usual. I'm a proud mama. Upon reflection, I don't believe that there was anyone aside from the traveling gringos who had ever been to a personalized ceremony crafted specifically for a couple. Surprise is the word that comes to mind. I hope it was more delight than surprise. Feedback was great! Now, it's time to clean the house. Errrrr! Happy Holidays to One and All. May you all receive the priceless gift of serenity and light. Oh, and if you're looking for an officiant for a nice winter wedding, I'm your gal. Peace!

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